Saturday, April 17, 2010

PART 1. Songkran Festival 2010

From a tourist point of view - Songkran Festival 2010

Visiting Thailad is always exciting for me. First, is the food that I always miss all the time, and coming back to my country wherein everything taste blunt compared to the spice of Thai Food. Second is the warmth of the people, next to my country of course (Philippines) and last is the similarity between both countries.

The only advantage of Thailand, is the absence of Catholicism. So sex is not a taboo, and just a past time. Next is homosexuality, wherein, they do not have any issues or sidebars regarding it. Althought the population of gays, bi, transgender is almost equal with Thailand, in the Philippines, it is still not widely accepted, specially when it comes to your close family knit group.

In Thailand, you can do what you want, and people will not really care even if you do outrageous acts in the streets, same thing with homosexuality.
You can hug, kiss, hold hands, or embrace one another in the street if you are both of the same gender. We will discuss in a seperate article regarding the openess of homosexuality in Thailand.

Forgot...the last one why I love Thailand? BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CHEAP!!

Now, what's new with Thailand this Songkran of 2010? compared to the last time Songkran? Find out in the next article in this blog site

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tagaytay Haven

Escaping from the traffic, pollution, and stress of Metro Manila, embrace the fresh air and touch the cold water of Tagaytay, enjoy your day with variety of fun and activities. Experience the difference; take your lunch at the wooden cottages and gazebo areas. Have fun singing at the Gazebo Videoke.


Experience and enjoy an overnight stay at our Container Van Rooms.

  • Single Room Accommodation
  • Twin Sharing
  • Triple Sharing
  • Quadruple Sharing 
  • Family Rooms (Group of 8-10 persons) 

Trainings, Conferences and Other Special Events

Tagaytay Haven's Two Storey Function Rooms is perfect for your group/company's different occasions. It has the capacity to accommodate 250 participants or can be break into smaller groups. 

Boracay Grand Vista Resort

Boracay Grand Vista Resort and Spa is the newest private luxurious resort and spa at the famous white beach of Boracay. The Resort, established in June 2007, offers breathtaking vistas of verdant mountains and aquamarine waters, brilliant sunsets and far away islands, and the never-ending stream of birds flying into the horizon -- all from the privacy of one’s room.

The Resort, located at the upper tip of Hagdan Yapak in Station 1, is situated away from the din of Boracay’s non-stop parties, offering privacy and a sense of tranquility that no other enclave within the island can.

The restaurants, housed in a separate building adjacent to the Resort suites, offer various cuisines. The Blues Blue bar offers a wide array of liquors and spirits. The business center provides businessmen all the conveniences of private office internet connections are available. A gym and spa are currently being constructed. There are also function rooms which may be set up according to your specifications and may be provided with amenities for meetings, conferences, parties and other events.

The Resort also home to the largest pool in the whole of Boracay, displays an impressive Moroccan-inspired architecture and well-manicured lawn. It also boasts of two other pools as well as cabaƱas where masseuses offer massages to weary souls.

A private shuttle takes guests to D’Mall and back every hour, ensuring that guests are not deprived of Boracay’s powdery white sands.

Efficient Hotel staffs at your beck and call willingly accommodate guests’ needs, from checking out airline bookings to arranging for a round of golf to planning an island-hopping escapade.

It has 33 Honeymoon Suites, 2 Vista Suites, 2 Grand Pool Suites, and 4 Grand View Suites. All 41 suites of the Resort have a private pool, a wide-screen flat TV with cable, a private balcony, NDD/IDD telephone service, a mini-bar, huge bathrooms, and safety deposit vaults. Large picture windows allow guests to witness Boracay’s glorious sunsets and wake up to picturesque ocean views.